36 Last-Minute Easter Basket Ideas for Under $20

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‘Tis the season for fresh flowers, fluffy chicks, abundant chocolate, and goodie-filled baskets delivered by giant rabbits. More specifically, it’s the time of the year when parents must find goodies that somehow don’t (a) turn their children into sugar monsters for the next month, (b) get completely disregarded, ignored, or disparaged, or (c) add to the ever-growing collection of toys that you still haven’t managed to Marie Kondo your way out of. Filling young children’s Easter baskets can be fun. It can also be a time-consuming exercise in balancing happy kids, a realistic budget, and minimal stuff.

This year, trust the Tinyhood team with the following 36 ideas that will make parents and littles happy on Easter morning. Every basket stuffer on the list is under $20 – and even better, they’re all available in two days via Amazon Prime for the procrastinators among us.

For babies and toddlers: The littlest members of your family can be the trickiest. Candy is out, they don’t have concrete interests yet, and there is a good chance you’re already drowning in stuffed animals.

For busy bees: Ahh, activity books – the savior of rainy days, long car rides, and bored preschoolers around the world. Activity books make a great Easter basket gift because they’re fun, and when they’re done, they don’t stick around to clutter up your house. Good options for the younger set include:

For aspiring chefs: Cooking tools are fabulous because they can be used all year long by the young in years and the young at heart.

For future engineers: While Legos do add to your toy stock, they can be used indefinitely in countless ways. These sets are adorable on their own and can fold into your bigger collection when the Easter novelty wears off.

For artists and musicians: Instruments and art materials never go out of style, making them an excellent choice for Easter gifts that don’t outstay their welcome.

For readers of all ages: You can never go wrong with a book. We could write an entire post on wonderful Easter and springtime books, but here are some of our favorites:

For just about anyone: Little kids, big kids, even grown-up kids will enjoy these basket surprises.

  • Funky egg grippers: fidget toys/bouncy balls/hand strengtheners/stress relievers – all in one.

  • Kate and Laurel Sylvia animal prints. Break them out every Easter or show them off year-round. We’re partial to this bunny and this bunny, but the duckling is awfully sweet too. (These prints do run above our $20 limit, but they were too cute to leave off the list.)

This year, resist the tiny stuffed chicks (and by all means, walk right past the real ones, no matter how cute they may be.) Fill your Easter baskets with toys they’ll use, books they’ll love, and goodies that even the Easter bunny will be proud to deliver.


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